The White Election


The White Election
  • Song Cycle of 32 songs for soprano and piano
  • Poems by Emily Dickinson
  • Running time: Approximately 70 minutes
  • Sung in English

Part One: The Pensive Spring
Part Two: So We Must Meet Apart
Part Three: Almost Peace
Part Four: My Feet Sleep Nearer

Gulbenkian Orchestra with Lawrence Foster, conductor; Etienne Dupuis, baritone; Christian Elsner, tenor; Phillip Ens, bass; Lisa Delan, soprano; Benedict Cumberbatch, actor


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“Gordon passage to the closed but luminous world of this exqisite soul”

Santiago Martín Bermúdez
Scherzo, July 2010

“The White Election stands as a clear masterpiece… you’ll hear a kind of melodic quaintness that suits the poems quite well—more of the 19th than the 20th Century…. Each work here is a small jewel and should please just about anyone, whether you’re familiar with Emily Dickinson’s poetry or not.”

American Record Guide

“Getty (b. 1933) clearly venerates Dickinson, and treats the texts lovingly. With only a few exceptions, the songs are simple – even simplistic, as if the composer were channeling music that Dickinson herself, an amateur pianist and singer, could have come up with for her own poems.”

Joshua Rosenblum
Opera News, November 2009