Four Christmas Carols


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Four Christmas Carols
  • For children's chorus or women's chorus and orchestra
  • Piano reduction available
  • Companion piece to Silent Night
  • Texts by Gordon Getty
  • Duration: 7:30

Call the Children 

The Snow Child 

Run to the Window

Candles on the Tree

Orchestration: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, percussion, harp, celesta, strings

Run to the Window

December Celebration: New Carols by 7 American Composers
Dawn Harms, conductor; Volti Choir; New Century Chamber Orchestra

2015 PentaTone


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Getty’s choral works feature a real affinity for the rhythms of the English language...Indeed, there is such a wonderful feeling for the prosody of English in Getty's compositions that he is able to imbue the poems of Benet, Housman, and Tennyson with a freshness that invites a reappraisal of the poetry of the pre-Modernists.... These are choral works in which the chorus takes center stage. I was particularly impressed with "Jerusalem," a scene from Getty’s opera Plump Jack, which is based on the Falstaff/Henry plays of Shakespeare...Getty’s genius is in knowing that tonal music is alive and well and has a level of referentiality and self-reflexivity that is beyond the limited palettes of the atonalists.

William Grim
Sequenze21, 2005