Four Traditional Pieces


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Four Traditional Pieces
  • For piano, chamber ensemble, or orchestra
  • May be performed separately
  • For orchestral settings, Raise the Colors may be added
  • Duration: 14 minutes

The Fiddler of Balleykeel 

Tiefer und Tiefer 

Ewig Du 



Tiefer und Tiefer

Conrad Tao, piano


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“Getty’s lovely Four Traditional Pieces opened the program in a performance of disarming sonorities. Each episode in the quartet explores harmonic conventions through a distinctly nostalgic lens; the music’s echoes of vivacious dance tunes and sweet, folk-tinged melodies recall the parlor songs of a bygone era.”

Georgia Rowe
San Francisco Classical Voice, 2012

“A beauty is Tiefer und Tiefer for strings. What a splendid intense sounding simplicity…With The Fiddler of Ballykeel he refers catchingly to a neighbourhood near Belfast where his ancestors came from. Raising the Colors is a beautiful fanfare-like encore for brass, virtuoso finished with wood and strings.”

Hans Visser
Gooi en Eemlander, 2010