Beauty Come Dancing



  • 1 The Old Man in the Night
  • 2 The Old Man in the Morning
  • 3 Ballet Russe
  • 4 Shenandoah
  • 5 There Was a Naughty Boy
  • 6 Those Who Love the Most
  • 7 Beauty Come Dancing
  • 8 For a Dead Lady
  • 9 The Destruction of Sennacherib
  • 10 Cynara
  • 11 La Belle Dame sans Merci


  • Choral Works by Gordon Getty
  • The Netherlands Radio Choir, Chorus Master Klaas Stok
  • The Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Concert master Joris van Rijn, Conducted by James Gaffigan
  • PENTATONE / Release Date: 2018

Discover poetry in motion with Beauty Come Dancing, composer Gordon Getty’s new album of choral works. Love and dance permeate this collection of new music, paying homage to the romantic and elegant traditions abounding in the latter half of the 19th century.

Here, Getty finds inspiration in the poetry of John Keats, Lord Byron, John Masefield, Sara Teasdale, Edwin Arlington Robinson, and Ernest Christopher Dowson. These settings sit alongside choral treatments of three of Getty’s original poems, plus his arrangement of traditional favorite “Shenandoah.” Rising-star conductor James Gaffigan leads the Netherlands Radio Choir and Radio Philharmonic Orchestra."


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The Making of Beauty Come Dancing

Video filmed while recording the album.