New Release: Beauty Come Dancing

Poetry and music merge in a new album of choral works by composer Gordon Getty, Beauty Come Dancing (PENTATONE PTC5186621). Conductor James Gaffigan leads The Netherlands Radio Choir and Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in settings of poetry by John Keats, Lord Byron, John Masefield, Sara Teasdale, Edwin Arlington Robinson, and Ernest Christopher Dowson. There are also settings of three original poems by Gordon Getty, plus his arrangement of the traditional Shenandoah. Says Mr. Getty: 

“I have yet to set the works of living poets, except me, because I prefer to avoid disagreement. It cramps your style, and I have to be free to change my mind. But in truth, Keats heads my pantheon of poets, with Masefield a close second, and all the poets represented here are old favorites of mine. Edward Arlington Robinson, like Masefield, paid no court to modernism. His poems, including For a Dead Lady, build like Bach fugues. Few can match him for cadence and the longer breath, though the fateful anapests of The Destruction of Sennacherib put Byron among those few. Sara Teasdale’s Those Who Love the Most shows the equal power of a lighter touch.”

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